Artists Directory

Bernadette Carstensen

Catholic illustration, painted with gouache and watercolor in the Pre-Raphaelite style, with influence from Medieval and Northern Renaissance artists.

Bernadette Carstensen
Mitsui Art Sample

Daniel Mitsui

Indiana. Meticulously detailed ink drawings on paper or calfskin vellum, inspired especially by Gothic illuminated manuscripts, panel paintings, and tapestries.

Daniel Mitsui
Conner Art Sample

Matthew Conner

Sacred art in the Late Gothic tradition — a mix of increasing naturalism with the visual canon of the Church, East and West.

Matthew Conner
Langley Art Sample

James Langley

South Carolina. Paintings that lend form, shape and color to the mysteries of faith and offer tangible signs of humanity redeemed.

James Langley

Elizabeth Lemme

Manuscript illuminations for use in the sacred liturgy. Illustrations aimed at encouraging the art of correspondence in letter-pressed cards.

Elizabeth Lemme
Reid Art Sample

James Patrick Reid

Paintings to open up the many layers of meaning found in the Scriptures, Sacraments, Liturgy, and writings of the saints.

James Patrick Reid
Smith Art Sample

Andrew Wilson Smith

Sculpture in bronze, plaster, and stone, architectural sculpture, mosaic, and design services that seek to reinvigorate the Western artistic inheritance.

Andrew Wilson Smith
Thompson-Briggs Art Sample

Gwyneth Thompson-Briggs

Altarpieces, devotional paintings, and ecclesiastical portraiture in the Renaissance and Baroque tradition.

Gwyneth Thompson-Briggs
Trumbo Art Sample

Joel Trumbo

Historical bookbinding and manuscript art forms, including illumination, typesetting, and woodcuts.

Joel Trumbo
Wingate Art Sample

Henry Wingate

Portraits, multi-figure works, landscapes, and still lifes indebted to the Boston School and the Italian Old Masters.

Henry Wingate

Carl Fougerousse

Sculptures intended to reveal the dignity of the human person and to be instruments through which God can inspire the faithful.

Dony MacManus

Sculpture and design (for paintings, mosaics, et al.) that aims to reveal the truth and goodness of Creation by emphasizing its beauty.

John Folley

Oil painting of elevated subjects to enhance sacred spaces, residences, and institutions; Live Painting to enhance events; and illustration to enhance works of literature.

Will Nathans

Portraits that seek to convey the essence and dignity of the sitter.

Christopher Alles

Sculpture that aims to express truth through the theology of form.

Thomas Marsh

Virginia. Classical figurative sculpture for the Catholic Church.

A & M Ornamentos

A team of Spanish bespoke vestment designers. Noted for their attention to detail and experience with vestment restoration.

Enzo Selvaggi

Liturgical concept designer, curator of antique works and director of a team of artists.

Patrick Nunes

Handcrafted, stylized Catholic illustrations detailed with pen and ink linework drawing from Insular, Romanesque, and Gothic iconography and ornament.

Ste Duckett

Hand-letterer specializing in the production of sacred, illuminated texts with a fusion of ancient and contemporary design.

Fabrizio Diomedi

Italy. Gothic paintings on panel, polyptychs and altarpieces, wall decorations for churches and monasteries.

Margherita Gallucci

Figurative painting which focuses on the concreteness and beauty of humanity in order to help people perceive the closeness of God.

Nicholas Hanson

Bespoke vestment tailoring and design. Handcrafted construction and embroidery according to traditional techniques and models.

David Troncoso

Renaissance inspired paintings and hand carved frameworks for sacred spaces. Madonnas, altarpieces and other religious works crafted using historical tools and techniques.

Sacra Indumenta

Connecticut. Sacra indumenta exists to serve Christ and His Church through the design and tailoring of traditionally made bespoke sacred vestments, liturgical linens and clothing for Sacramental events.

Schmitt & Sons Stonework

Specializes in traditional hand-carved lettering. Offers memorials, signage, inscriptions, ecclesiastic and architectural lettering, family ‘name’ stones, etc. Real gold leaf gilding is available.

Martin Earle

Traditionally trained artist based in the UK, working in the service of the holy liturgy. Specializes in painting, carving, mosaic and statuary. Inspired by early medieval works.

Ioana Belcea

Liturgical artist and iconographer specializing in the traditional media of egg tempera, mosaic, and buon fresco

Matilde Olivera

Painting and sculpting in an effort to make the spiritual realities palpable.

Hildegard Hageböck

Illuminations, traditional techniques, materials and styles (Merovingian, Celtic, Carolingian, Romanesque, Gothic), Calligraphy, gold leaf, pictures of saints, illuminated Gregorian chant, altar cards, candles

Robert Puschautz

Classically trained artist who draws inspiration from the great tradition of Catholic art. He specializes in religious paintings, hand painted reproductions, and liturgical decorative painting.

Anythony Visco

Renowned Philadelphia-based artist and teacher with numerous church commissions. His acclaimed triptych reliefs and bronze doors are credited with revitalizing the art form.