“The only really effective apologia for Christianity comes down to two arguments, namely the saints the Church has produced and the art which has grown in her womb.”

Pope Benedict XVI, The Ratzinger Report

Patrons Support

The majority of masterpieces throughout art history, were initiated through the support of patrons who have been instrumental in enabling artists to testify to the beauty of the faith. Through works of Sacred Art, whether commissioned for liturgical spaces or private devotion, Holy Mother Church speaks across generations, giving visible form to theological concepts, teaching and inspiring. Thus, we seek to encourage a renewal of relationship between Patrons and Artists by providing guidance for individuals, clerics, and organizations to embrace the vital role of patron by supporting artists in their vocation. Nourishing the arts within the womb of the Church, our age will be enriched by the work of artists inspired to turn men’s hearts devoutly towards God.

How To Commission

To commission artwork, any family or parish

  • Begin by recognizing the goals and limitations of the project in prayer and study of Church Documents》
  • Contact artists to determine who fits with the subject matter, timeline, and price
  • The artist will provide a draft sketch around the time of the initial down payment.
  • Sign a contract outlining budget, timeline, expectations, payment, delivery, copyright.
  • Progress photos are given during the process for approval and continued prayer.
  • Following completion and final payment, the artwork is delivered, installed, and blessed.


Parish Beautification Projects

For significant parish constructions or renovation projects, enlisting an architect or liturgical design expert, such as those below, ensures the project supports the existing church architecture, liturgical action, and prayer.