Feast Days

There are many feast day traditions to help us live out the liturgical calendar in our home, parish, school, or other communities.

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Daily Devotions

Each and every day we are called to renew our devotion and these common themes can be a great help!

Monthly Devotions and Solemnities

Many communities have shared in monthly devotions such as these. Below each you will find nearby solemnities which, in addition to the great feasts of Easter and Christmas, are elevated throughout the year.

  • January The Holy Name of Jesus (Jan 3)
    • January 1, Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God
    • January 6, Epiphany of the Lord
  • February The Holy Family
  • March St. Joseph
  • April The Blessed Sacrament (Holy Thursday)
  • May The Blessed Virgin Mary (May 31)
    • Ascension of the Lord, Thursday of the Sixth Week of Easter (Usually in May)
    • Pentecost, 50th day of Eastertide (May or June)
    • Trinity Sunday, Sunday after Pentecost (May or June)
    • Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, Thursday after Trinity Sunday (May or June)
  • June Sacred Heart of Jesus
    • Friday after Corpus Christi, Sacred Heart
    • June 24, Nativity of Saint John the Baptist
    • June 29, Saints Peter and Paul
  • July The Precious Blood
  • August Immaculate Heart of Mary
    • Assumption of Mary, Aug 15
  • September Seven Sorrows of Mary (Sept 15)
  • October The Holy Rosary (Oct 7) or the Holy Angels (Sept 29)
  • November Poor Souls in Purgatory
    • Nov 1 All Saints
    • Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, Last Sunday before Advent (late November)
  • December The Immaculate Conception
    • December 8 Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary