Home Altars

Build a prayer corner in your home

Our liturgy should carry within our homes. By creating a home altar, we invite the presence of God into our daily lives, fostering a sense of peace and continuity with our faith traditions.

Setting up a home altar is an opportunity to curate a space that reflects the beauty and order of heaven. It’s a place where we can find solace amidst the noise of daily life, surrounded by familiar holy symbols and a gentle flame as a reminder of divine presence. Whether it’s a dedicated shelf, mantle, or corner, this sacred space should be intentionally designed to draw us closer to God.

Here are some practical tips for creating your home shrine:

  • Carefully select items that resonate with your family.
  • Consider the liturgical calendar and rotate items to reflect different seasons and feast days.
  • Statues and framed artwork can serve as focal points.
  • Incorporate elements like candles, flowers, and fabrics with symbolic colors to enhance to build a reverent space.
  • Add kneelers, holy water, incense, and a Bible stand as is helpful.
  • Engage children by encouraging them to contribute decorations.
  • Keep a noble simplicity to the space with decorum and cleanliness.

Maintain flexibility in your shrine’s design to prevent it from becoming mundane; periodic changes can keep it spiritually refreshing.

Embrace the diversity of home altar designs, each reflecting unique family traditions and personal spiritual journeys. Whether adorned with seasonal decorations or adorned with relics, your shrine should serve as a beacon of faith and prayer.

For more inspiration and practical ideas, search home altars online.