Drawing Groups

Drawing Groups

Drawing groups are a great opportunity to invite artists to share in the joy of artmaking with others.  In opening these groups to artists of all levels, beginners can observe and learn from the more experienced artists, and those with more experience have an opportunity to exercise their skills outside of more demanding projects.  It is recommended to make available extra art supplies for walk-ins and individuals who are completely new to drawing.

Live Model Drawing 

     Supplies:  Backdrop, model stand (ideally), spotlight, tables/easels for the artists

     Time: 2 hours or more – single pose: 20 min pose, 5 min break 

         Portrait Drawing – This is the easiest approach to offering a live model session because it does not require any costumes or props.  The organizers can take turns sitting or inviting friends to sit for the artists initially, then encourage others in the group to sign-up to be the model (or bring a friend to sit).  This will allow artists greater appreciation for each person willing to model, as well as building a sense of responsibility in contributing to the success of the group.  A small stipend can be offered to the model, or it can be offered on a volunteer basis.  A comfortable model chair is recommended. 

        Costumed Figure Drawing – This approach offers more variety for the artists, but also requires more work in organizing.  Inspiration can come from the liturgical calendar – aiming for the model and costume to express a saint who’s feast day within a week of the event.  Further inspiration for the pose and props can be taken from depictions of the saint throughout art history (which also provides images to help promote the event).  A small stipend is encouraged to assist in acquiring a model and in recognition that the pose may be more challenging than sitting for a portrait.  A participation fee or “suggested donation” can help offset the costs involved.

Church Drawing 

    Organize a visit to a local church that expresses the beauty of the faith, providing an opportunity for artists to study its features through art making.  The event can begin with a brief (15 to 20 min) tour of the church, prepared by a church docent or group member.  The tour can touch on the history of the church, then highlight the saints and other aspects of the faith that are visually expressed throughout the setting.  This introduction will allow artists the opportunity to consider their focus in the drawing time that follows the tour.   

    This event can be approached on a larger scale by organizing a Church Drawing Tour, visiting 3 to 5 beautiful churches in the area and culminating with an exhibit of selected work.  This is a great opportunity for beginners to see their work in an exhibit and share the beauty of these amazing churches with the public. 

    It is recommended to promote these events outside of your arts group, inviting participants who are simply interested in church tours opportunities.